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Weight Loss Injections

B12, LipoB and B Complex injections boost your energy and increase your metabolism for maximal weight loss. These injections are included in our HCG weight loss program.

B12 Injections

While B12 injections do not cause weight loss themselves, the can greatly aid in the weight loss process. Supplements of this essential vitamin can help provide you with more energy during your diet and even boost your metabolism, helping you keep the lost pounds off. When attempting rapid weight loss it is always important to keep your whole health in mind. B12 is the perfect supplement to help ensure you stay healthy throughout your rigorous HCG weight loss treatment.

LipoB Injections

LipoB injections do most of their work in the liver and gallbladder. These organs help to remove unnecessary fat and keep you looking and feeling healthy, but oftentimes this process can be slow and relatively inefficient. LipoB injections can ensure your liver works as efficiently as it can so you can have a healthy metabolism and a slim figure.

B Complex Injections

B Complex injections are comprised of a number of different B vitamins, all with special energizing properties. These injections can boost your metabolism, increase your cell reproduction, reinvigorate your body and desire to be active, improve your brain and nervous system function and even help fight arthritis, asthma and other conditions.

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