HCG Weightloss

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Here at Pur Bliss Med Spa, we are dedicated to helping you with your HCG weight loss needs.  The program consists of a series of daily subcutaneous HCG injections combined with a specifically designed balanced high protein-low carbohydrate- very low calorie (VLCD) dietary plan.

The use of HCG for weight loss in the treatment of obesity was first discovered by the late British Physician, Dr.  Simeons and this hormone diet has had proven success since the early 60’s.

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How does HCG Weightloss work?

HCG tricks your body into believing it is getting the calories it needs by replacing ingested calorie values with stored fat calories. This creates exceptional benefits including fat loss results and amazing body transformations.

The HCG diet is an efficient way to permanently eliminate fats in our body.   HCG stands for Human Chorionic Gonadotropin; this hormone is natural in human body of pregnant women. With this diet method, people can rapidly lose amounts of fats in a short period of time. This hormonal diet can be achieved  by following the simple plan and controlling the quantity that you take in. HCG is believed to help reset the hypothalamus by sending signals to begin breaking down and using abnormally high body fat as a primary fuel source.  These signals are believed to be sent when the body is experiencing a reduced and low calorie diet. These signals also appear to send a message out to conserve and maintain lean body mass or muscle mass.

The HCG Diet helps people lose more fats directly from abnormal fat storages rather than lean muscle. Because of this condition, the weight lost comes straight from unhealthful fat storages and does not affect the muscle of our body.

What results can be expected with HCG Weightloss?

The HCG diet is a process to lose a great deal of excess fats quickly, in 26 days (short program)  or 43 days (long program), depending on the amount of weight reduction needed. The elimination of processed foods to eating a simplified natural diet, helps improve your immune system and decrease health risks.

This hormone devours stored fat rather than muscle and water. It also tricks the body into believing that it is getting more calories than it really is. This hormone resets the metabolism of human body which is the lasting benefit. With this process, people who have completed this new HCG diet should not gain the weight back.

The goal of the short program is to lose up to 15-20 pounds and the goal of the long program is to lose up to 40 pounds.

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