New Year, New You: HCG Rapid Weight Loss

Are you one of the many people wanting to lose weight this coming year? You are not alone. The most common New Year’s resolution is weight loss. With the HCG Rapid Weight Loss Program, you will not only lose weight fast but will also keep those unwanted pounds off for good!

What Is the HCG Weight Loss Program?

HCG stands for the human chorionic gonadotropin hormone (HCG), which is a hormone naturally produced during pregnancy. HCG, combined with a very low-calorie diet can cause the body to metabolize abnormal fat reserves, getting rid of unwanted fat and losing weight quickly and safely. The HCG diet is an efficient way to eliminate fats in our body permanently. This weight loss plan should be carried out under medical supervision.

How Does It Work?

HCG weight loss works the way as it does in a pregnant woman’s body, by breaking down fat stores to feed the fetus if the mother is not consuming sufficient calories. With HCG weight loss program, men or women receive a series of HCG supplement injections daily, along with a high protein, low carbohydrate, and very low-calorie diet plan (VLCD) to stimulate your metabolism into burning stored fats providing energy for your body.

The HCG hormone is believed to help reset the hypothalamus by sending signals to begin breaking down and using abnormally high body fat as its primary fuel source. It also sends a message out to conserve and maintain muscle mass. Patients following this program can lose as much as one pound of fat per day while preserving muscle and not experiencing fatigue or hunger. HCG resets your body’s metabolism, giving you a lasting benefit meaning that people who have completed this HCG diet should not gain back the weight.

Are You Ready for Change?

Are you ready for rapid and lasting weight loss? Here at Pur Bliss Med Spa in St. Charles, we are committed to helping you with your weight loss needs. Contact us today to learn more about HCG Rapid Weight Loss and how it can help you. Start off your New Year with a new you!