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How to Get Longer, Fuller and Darker Eyelashes This Summer

Jul 01, 2018


Are you wondering what it would be like to have longer, fuller, and darker lashes this summer? If so, you may want to consider Latisse®, the FDA approved eyelash treatment by Allergan designed to address sparse, thin lashes. You can now step into summer with confidence!


What Is Latisse® and How Does It Work?


Latisse® is a version of a glaucoma drug called bimatoprost discovered after doctors noticed their glaucoma patients experiencing lusher, longer, and darker eyelashes appearing over time as a side effect of its use. Latisse® is the first FDA approved prescription drug for treating sparse eyelashes, growing them longer, fuller, and darker. Just like your hair, eyelashes sprout, grow for some time, then fall out. Latisse® works to extend the growth phase and to increase the number of lashes that grow.


Latisse® comes with sterile applicators you will use to dab the drug to your upper lash line each night. The drug will flow to your lower lash line as you blink. Avoid applying Latisse® to your eyes or your lower lids and be careful not to let it fall on other areas of your skin as it may promote unwanted hair growth.


What Results Should You Expect?


After about two months of using Latisse® every night, you should start seeing some results. After three months, you may only need a treatment every other day. If you discontinue using Latisse®, your eyelashes will gradually return to their original state.


Participants in a 16-week study of using Latisse® reported eyelash length increase of about 25 percent, fullness and thickness increase of 106 percent, and eyelash darkness increase of 18 percent.


Are You Ready for Longer, Fuller and Darker Eyelashes?


Contact us at Pur Bliss Med Spa in St. Charles to learn more about Latisse® and how it can enhance your eyelashes. We are happy to answer any questions and help you determine if this treatment is right for you. Enjoy beautiful, luscious eyelashes this summer!

Which Chemical Peel Is Right for You?

Jun 01, 2018

There are different options for chemical peels available to help restore your skin back to its youthfulness and vitality. Our estheticians at Pur Bliss Med Spa will conduct a thorough skin analysis and help you select the perfect peel for your needs and preferences.


Which Peel is Right for You?


Chemical Peels are effective at treating hormonal skin, acne, dull skin, dry skin, congested skin, and aging skin. The right chemical peel will depend on your goals are for your skin. Whether you want to exfoliate or to improve the appearance age spots, wrinkles, and more, we’ve got the right treatment for you.


Chemical Peels at Pür Bliss Med Spa


Sensi Peel: Sensi Peel is a unique peeling option for all skin types and sensitivities. This gentle 6% TCA solution is formulated to improve the surface texture, brighten the skin, and promote an even skin tone.


Ultra Peel: Ultra Peel is a TCA peel specially formulated to treat maturing skin. It also works well for many skin types, conditions, and sensitivities. Ultra Peel will help improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles while promoting an even skin tone and a clear complexion.


PCA Peels: We offer PCA Peels with or without Hydroquinone.


  • PCA Peel with hydroquinone: This enhanced Jessner’s formula works for those who have no sensitivity to hydroquinone. This chemical peel helps promote an even skin tone and clear complexion.


  • PCA Peel without hydroquinone: This enhanced Jessner’s solution is ideal for sensitive skin types, ethnic skin or for those allergic to or sensitive to hydroquinone. This peel will help rejuvenate and improve the appearance of breakout-prone skin while promoting an even, bright skin tone.


Retinoid Treatments:

  • Esthetique: This treatment that can be used alone or in combination with any other PCA treatment to smooth and brighten the skin and promote a clear complexion.


  • Ultra Peel II: This advanced exfoliation treatment may be used alone or at the end of any PCA professional treatment to promote a bright, even skin tone.


Radiant Skin Starts Here


Contact us at Pur Bliss Med Spa in St. Charles to learn more about our chemical peels and determine which one is right for you. We are committed to providing treatments that will leave your skin looking flawless and will leave you feeling better than ever! Call us today!

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